Do You Need A Quality, Yet Inexpensive, Way of Saying Thank You To Your Home Mortgage Customer?

Brookings Engraving is proud to introduce a new personalized nameplate program that you and your institution will want to use as a shining example of how much you appreciate your mortgage customers' business!

A quality, yet inexpensive, gift for your mortgage customer that will endure the test of time. Our Custom Nameplate Program is specifically designed for you and your mortgage customer. Mounted on the front door of their new home, they will have a warm feeling about you and your institution that not only financed their investment, but thought enough of them to send a personal thank you!

The Brookings Engraving Nameplate Program is designed to be both simple and economical to use:

  • Once a month you simply type your closings on your letterhead. The letter is faxed to us.

  • Your fax becomes our order and the invoice.

  • Approximately 14 days later you will receive the finished product in a custom box ready to deliver to your valued customer.

  • A very simple process that creates a bare minimum of paperwork for you and your institution.

Our Personalized Nameplate Program will provide an easy, yet effective, way to show your appreciation and retain all your customers' business for a long, long time.

So what is so special about our nameplate? It's very simple: Our nameplates are economical and they last...and last...and last...

Over the last five years, Brookings Engraving has developed a method* of engraving and treating Natural Brass which keeps it from tarnishing. The picture below shows actual test samples, from one of our numerous test, as they emerged from American Society for Testing and Materials Salt Spray Test.

The sample plates pictured were taped to a backround and inserted into the Salt Spray and Ultraviolet environment for long-term testing.

  1. Nameplate Examples

    The Herzog sample is a product currently marketed. The exposed right side is clearly badly deteriorated.

  2. The Ferry sample is our custom made that has not been treated for weathering. The exposed right side is clearly badly deteriorated.

  3. The Homeowner sample is our treated final product. It shows zero corrosion. The protected side and the tested side are the same. Total protection.

*patent pending

Brookings Engraving has developed the above documented process over a five year period. This product was developed to produce personalized nameplates for Larson Manufacturing, the largest producer of storm doors in the United States. Brookings Engraving is proud to offer this Personalized Nameplate Program to you.

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